Halow Tassava Consulting


Welcome to Halow Tassava Consulting!

HTCWe’re full-service veterinary consultants, advisors and educational providers. Founded by Bash Halow and Brenda Tassava in January 2013 when they merged their companies, HTC not only hopes to inspire you and your practice team to reach new heights, but we also hope to become friends and colleagues in the process.

Feel free to explore our website and learn more about our Workshops that WORK! You might find that a Strategic Planning Retreat is just what the doctor ordered for your practice….if so, we’re here to help.

Bash and Brenda thrive on collaboration….not only within the HTC team, but with our veterinary colleagues from around the world. We work with the most talented professionals to bring you great events like our social media workshop, the HTC strategic planning workshop, our Dental Compliance workshop, the Psychologically Healthy Workplace, our Standards of Care and Compliance workshop, and Effective Communication for everyone on the team.

A TEAM approach to client and patient care, ending ‘front versus back’ conflict, and improving management’s success with practice growth, new client acquisition and client retention. Bash and Brenda visit their practices every month, working towards milestones such as the development of Mission Goals, Core Values, and Cultural Change. We incorporate financial review, oversight and benchmarking into our compliance programs, assist with human resource management and employee recruitment. Bash and Brenda also help practices with big picture goals like strategic planning, social media marketing and leadership training.

The HTC approach to practice consulting is a WHOLE-istic one: where we work with you to create that Healthy Workplace where leaders walk their talk; where relationships are built and maintained; and where communication trumps conflict and mistrust. We believe you deserve a great place to work, and Halow Tassava Consulting can help you get there!